BMW E-Scooter – Electric scooter as coming from the future

The German brand BMW has launched a model electric scooter with modern design. E-Scooter, opens the new future for vehicles in the city.

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The BMW E-Scooter will be introduced at Lake Como in Italy. This is an electric motorcycle that shows the future of transportation in the city. A unique idea of ​​the famous car brand Germany.

Visitors at Lake Como in Italy will witness the unique new lineup of the BMW E-Scooter. This electric scooter is expected to lead the way in the future.

best electric scooter for adults

Of course, this electric scooter is very environmentally friendly. Because it uses built-in battery power to operate. BMW E-Scooter also impressed with the compact and compact design. And the BMW E-Scooter is an electric scooter that uses built-in battery power to operate. So this electric scooter almost does not generate any emissions. The design of the BMW E-Scooter inspired by the Motorrad Vision Next 100 was introduced last year by BMW.

In addition, this electric scooter can also be connected to the user’s shirt to activate some features. For example, open the trunk to remove the helmet. BMW E-Scooter can also control and give the next place for the driver. Because it is based on the personal schedule previously synthesized.

Unlike the C Evolution or many other models. The BMW E-Scooter does not have the same panel as the other models.

A panel is located on the windscreen screen. It will display information about speed, distance or navigation. The rest of the screen allows for some additional functionality and more modern functionality.