History of Electric Scooter – Brief Guide

Today’s electric scooters are a means of transportation in the process of rapid development. Electric scooters are very environmentally friendly because they do not use fossil fuels. And they also bring convenience in use. So the market has grown at an incredible rate globally. Some people do not realize that electric scooters in modern times have been much advanced than their predecessors appeared in 1895. Inventors sent the first patents of electrically operated transportation equipment to government organizations. Maybe you know the history of electric scooters will not help you work faster. But this will definitely make an interesting and fun conversation with your friends.

History of Electric Scooter

History of Electric Scooter

The first day of the electric scooter

Inventors have invented the technology before they found the interest of investors. And investors will look into the commercial viability of that technology. Along with the commercial development of electric bicycles and electric motorcycles. This development promoted the development of electric scooter technology in the early years.

However, when modern battery technology has grown rapidly and electric scooters are rapidly becoming a popular means of transport. You will probably notice a staggering thing just two decades ago. The first electric motor was 250 pounds (113 kg heavier).

Patent registration first

We have found the first patent on the records of electrically operated personal transportation equipment. A first electric motorcycle filed its patent in 1895. This patent belonged to inventor Ogden Bolten Jr. of Ohio, United States. With the design of Ogden Bolten Jr. is very rough and simple. Because of the standards of modern times, it has become obsolete.


The first public appearance of the electric scooter

In the history of mankind, there was a trade show, the Stanley Cup in London, England. In 1896, the famous bike maker was Humber, the company that exhibited the first commercial electric bike in the community.

This electric bicycle has a power supply for the rear wheel. And a resistance device is installed on the steering wheel of the product that controls the transport equipment.

First commercial product

By the time of October 1911, the magazine called Popular Mechanics published a new medium. It was an electric motorcycle and they claimed to be capable of operating for up to 75 miles on a single charge. And this electric motor is capable of reaching speeds of up to 35 miles per hour (MPH).

In addition, if the product is not running out of battery, the user can charge more. The manufacturer has not released detailed components of this device. However, the public perception of electric vehicles has begun to grow and develop rapidly.

Stand-up Scooter first

In 1915, the manufacturer called Autoped Long Island and they introduced its flagship product, the Autoped. However, this is a petrol-powered transport. But this product has marked the development and commercialization of smaller frame vehicles.

Its frame looks like modern electric scooters. So with this design has become increasingly popular in New York. But in 1919 the German manufacturer Krupp made the last Autoped production in the next two years.

The first electric motorcycle company

The first electric motorcycle company was Sovovel. The brothers who lived in Brussels, founded this company in 1936. And this company produced and gained much success in that time in Germany. Unfortunately, this unique market has many opportunities, but it is not attractive enough to influence consumers at the time of the war years.

Speed ​​record

With the development of science and technology today, these electric transport equipment continues to grow. The Karl Kordesch’s electric motor can reach 165 MPH. And everyone realizes this is clearly a ground speed record.. And this event is also a milestone in human society. We can see that the technology of electric transport equipment has helped people to raise awareness of environmentally friendly products.

First commercial scooter

In 1996, the company named Peugeot produced the first electric motorcycle. And they have provided consumers with the first commercially available electric vehicles. So this revolutionary transport device has three horsepower DC motors.

In addition, this product is equipped with three nickel-cadmium batteries mounted on it. This will give the electric car a total of 18 Volts at 100Ah. The weight of this scooter is 250 pounds (113 kg). The tram can travel over a distance of 25 miles (40 km) per charge. However, the design of this vehicle is only a motorcycle. And this vehicle is not like a motorbike with foldable design.

The Fog Of History

You should be known in the past of the given of the cars of the vehicle that is already have been multiple but but they are not successful. So many models of electric scooters are little known before. And we can hardly verify the information of the production companies are no longer active.

Maybe the first model of the electric scooter is the great design and it is often called a motorcycle. Therefore, these large designs, support larger batteries. This allows the product to travel a distance further. So the widespread and technological development of electrically operated scooters. An electric scooter called the Zoom Stryder. This electric scooter is part of the advancement in rechargeable battery technology.

Toward the future

Technological advances are more advanced than in previous decades. And the present era is depicted in the context of high-tech equipment. Such as computers, smart phones, the Internet… Perhaps battery technology is a product that has progressed and developed the most. However, this product is often overlooked by people as they consider it a by-product. But they do not notice that with the advancement of battery technology has helped in the development of other consumer products.

In the past, electric scooters were limited by bulky batteries and poor longevity or poor lead acid designs. Today’s battery technology has advanced, such as battery technology with lithium-ion technology. This technology has helped to produce smaller, more powerful batteries. In addition, they are more active in developing more compact transportation designs. This has helped manufacturers to design foldable electric scooters.

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