Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Review | Feb 2021

The human movement now becomes simpler with people. If you travel far, we can choose a car or a public transit service. In the near vicinity, we can choose electric scooters for adults. When it comes to electric scooters we cannot ignore the Xiaomi brand name. Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter with intelligent design and use of the energy-friendly environment.

Xiaomi Mi electric scooter review

Xiaomi Mi electric scooter review

Electric scooters are certainly not too strange for everyone, especially for young people.

In the same shape, Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter is larger in size and uses electric power to run instead of pushing.
The design of the Xiaomi Mi electric scooter is quite simple. The steering wheel is rather high-tech and it will bind to the electric scooter chassis via smart couplings. Electric scooters are equipped with two wheels. The overall dimensions of the electric scooter are 108cm in length, 43cm in width and 120cm in height if not in the fold.

The design is simple, but the electric scooter does not show the cheap.

Because most of the main details on the electric scooter Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter is made from high-quality aluminum. A material used in the aircraft manufacturing industry. For high durability, resistance to environmental impact and keep the electric scooter only weighs about 12.5Kg. Next to the frame and the important details of aluminum. Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter still uses high-quality plastic for minor details such as fenders, plastic moldings on pedestals, etc. These details make the electric scooter more aesthetic.
Electric scooters use rear-wheel-drive disc brakes to provide safety and assurance for the electric scooter when on the road. According to the manufacturer of the disc brakes on the electric scooter is also equipped with an anti-lock brake system E-ABS. The technology helps to keep the brakes evenly, helping the electric scooter to slow down without slipping.
To electric scooters can operate the evening more safely. The manufacturer also equips the front headlamp and positioning the lamp at the rear end. LED floodlights for extreme illumination, within 6m. Simultaneously, it saves more power on electric scooters.
On the steering wheel of the electric scooter is a four-lamp system of the battery. Allows the user to know the exact battery capacity remaining on the electric scooter. This allows the rider to calculate for his use. The electric scooter starter is also located above the steering wheel, which facilitates the user’s ability to switch on / off the electric scooter.

The Xiaomi Mi electric scooter has two 8.5-inch wheels in the front and rear of the electric scooter.

They use pneumatic tires to help the electric scooter to absorb vibrations from the road surface better. Minimize the impact force from the pavement to the driver’s hands. The front wheel is also where the DC brushless electric motor is located. Help the electric scooter can roll on the road. With this engine, the electric scooter can reach speeds up to 25Km / h.
The power supply for the Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter comes from 30 lithium-ion LG 18650 batteries, with a capacity of 7800mAh. Battery for a total capacity of 280 Wh, output voltage of 37.41V. Help the electric car can operate continuously on the road 30Km, at a constant speed of 15km / h.
Like most intelligent products in the MiJia ecosystem. Xiaomi Mi electric scooter also has the ability to connect to the smartphone via Bluetooth connection to synchronize the data. Such as average speed, walking distance, current speed. All information is visualized right in the Mi home application in real-time. Helps the user to control the operation of the electric scooter in the best way.

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